Designed with classically curved shape, these versatile hoops frame your face in subtle metallic shine.
Designed with classically curved shape, these versatile hoops frame your face in subtle metallic shine.
  • Available in gold and silver
  • Almost 2 inches high
  • Casual and formal
Normally $22.99 Today Only: $9.99
Normally $22.99 Today Only: $9.99
For All Ocassions - There aren’t many places that Olivia won’t go, many things she won’t do so her lifestyle is all about being ready for what the day will bring.

This day, this hot July weekend morning will bring her to the beach, just a few towns from home. After losing her job in the spring and then reading Roberts texts to some bimbo in the office, life just now seems to be getting back on track. She started her dream job two weeks ago as a writer for a major travel blog and last night, for the first time, she felt over Robert enough to talk to a cute boy at the dance club, Sliver.

But today, today was all about Olivia, about a quiet day at the beach digesting the last few months.

Her beach bag had nothing more than a big beach towel and a book.  She wore her new floral bikini and a sundress. She knew she rocked it and didn’t mind an occasional stare.

After a few hours reading and tanning, Olivia was ready to be Olivia again and her smile was infectious enough that Jessie, a 20 something boy hanging out near by with a group a friends, invited her to their ‘beach towels’ … 

The sun and the beer she just finished made her giggly and made her feel great.

“We are going to happy hour and dinner at the Beach Deck Bar” said Jessie … “would you like to come with us”?

Feeling better than she has felt in months, Olivia jumped at the opportunity.

She pulled back her hair, slid on her sundress and flip flops and into her new friends car. Catching herself in the window of the car, she saw the sparkle hanging from her ears.

The sparkle was the same she saw at the dance club the night before. Olivia was wearing her exquisite, gold hoop tube earrings … she loved those earrings and they took her from dance club, to beach, to happy hour effortlessly.
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